Assemblages, collages and paint

dated 2002 until 2010 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Tomas went by our island and dropped 265 mm. of rain in 6 hours. That's what we normally get in 6 months!!! Does that explain this painting enough for you. I thought so too...



 Each of these works represents one of the four elements. Air, Earth, Fire and Water. They break away from their boundary, like they seem to do in real life as well nowadays.

Fata Morgana


 I once stepped out of my car when on this rusty piece of metal. Later that evening I mounted it on a painting I was working on. They went well together. But I still don't know what it should resemble, hence "Fata Morgana"



 Keeping your ballance with the weight of history on your back, isn't easy 

The Jacobs Ladder


Almost like Jack and the beanstalk...

Lord Ganesh


 Keep the good things in life, get rid of everything else...

The sniffers


Wire on canvas on panel on roofplate. Inspired by the coincidence that I found all these materials in my backgarden. I just had to put them together.

Rusty Red


Inspired by 'The Sniffers'

Stone Quarry Patrick


 The old stone quarry Patrick on the coast, close by the village Barber on the Island of Curacao, is a very surrealistic scene by itself. Old stone crushing machinery that is crumbling away due to old age and the salty air together with the strange location create an eerie feeling. All the materials I used for this collage were found around these machines. It's one of my faforite spots of the Island. 

Soul Balancer


 We'll see what happens in the end...

'D Qable guy


Inspired by the story of Don Quichote. Don Quichote rides on his horse as a cloud, holding a television cable as his weapon. He represents my everlasting struggle with my local cable provider TDS. I always get a poor picture when I want to watch tv.



 Drip, drip, drip